usa ejetta

is: meinrad kneer, tobias klein and james beckett

kneer - contrabass

klein - bass clarinet, electronics

beckett - electonics, various objects


A current floating idea is the ability of patterns in music to be translated into data which will construct the generic layout of river deltas; musicality contributing towards feature which would otherwise be determined by, for example, rock structure or relief in landscape. I imagine many possibilities in this direction, given the time to develop, it should be an interesting (and educational??) stage event

collaboration in water tower with Butoh dancer Gyohei, in Saarbrucken, 2005

De Appel Radio Days, Radio gig

Friday 8th - 18:00
Live sonic improvisation with James Beckett (charcoal), Meinrad Kneer (contrabass), Tobias Klein (bass clarinet/ electronics) and Artis Orbus (percussion).
40 minutes

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