Marijn Korf de Gidts
Stani Michiels
James Beckett

Data was gathered from various measurements of pans (diameter, thickness, ...). This information was then associated with the various properties of notes (pitch, duration, velocity) by a self-made computer program.

The atomic characteristics (melting-point, radius, …) of the pan materials (Aluminium, Teflon, …) divide the piece into seven sections, each with its own element signature. No attempts were made to create harmony or melody although the range of notes played simultaneously are at times greatly reduced allowing less chance for dissonance. This raw material was then arranged into a score for the Asko Ensemble (or orchestra)

‘H’ is the result of an impulse that an orchestra should be treated as a unit of reproduction. Both the physical and cultural delicacy of such an arrangement of musicians bring temptation toward a butcher’s approach in composition.

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